personals, reimagined

With a focus based on writing as well as total anonymity, our affordable pay as you go platform is designed for thoughtful, mature and curious people.

Engage in meaningful correspondance, establish connections and create bonds that will last a lifetime.

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Personal Based

Do not worry about maintaining a profile that you have to constantly adapt to suit your changing needs. We believe that people are fundamentally the same but our needs are constantly changing. Instead, just create a personal custom suited to how you feel in that moment. Deal breakers such as dietary restrictions, smoking habit, etc. are included as part of the matching engine.

Only Pay for what you Use

Our unique token system ensures that you only spend tokens when creating a personal. Forget about subscription based services which charge you monthly even when you already have met someone or simply want to take a break. And guess what, upon registration you can create and match up to 1000 personals for free!

Fast and Precise Matching Engine

Matching happens much faster and with much more precision, bringing market based concepts to the world of personals. There is no need to scroll through tons of people you may or may not be interested in, or view 1000s of faces. Create a personal, fire it off and get relevant matches. The rest is history.

Completely Anonymous

Privacy is of utmost concern and a fundamental component of our platform. Besides having a ban on all third party tracking cookies, we only require personally identifable information if you decide to optionally verify your account. Browse and explore your matches in total anonymity, revealing yourself only when you choose and without the pressure to upload a picture.